Boleskine House, July 2016

Presumably, many of my readers will be aware that Boleskine House on the Northern shore of Loch Ness caught fire just before Christmas last year. Boleskine House was formerly owned by Aleister Crowley, and was later owned by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin who has had a long involvement with Crowley. In fact, I have been told that Page is (or was) the owner of one of the two biggest collections of Crowley material in the UK. (The other is, I think, Alan Moore). Page has since been given an OBE by the Queen for his charity work.

As an aside, I once worked with an older gentleman who had worked for Page when he owned the building in the 1970s, who told me Page was looking for a secret room under the main house which Crowley had installed for a temple. They never found it.

Having heard differing reports about the state of the place, when I found myself camping by Loch Ness around a mile along the shore, I had to go and take a look. The takeaway: it’s bad, but not as bad as it could be. The roof is gone on the shore end of the building, but the walls are intact. At the west end, the top of the arches on the windows are gone. I didn’t hang around because, frankly, it wasn’t really safe and while there’s no trespassing law in Scotland, people can sure act like there is.

2 thoughts on “Boleskine House, July 2016

  1. K Harris December 19, 2018 / 5:05 pm


    I have also been to the house on several occasions during 70/80 and 90s I met Malcolm Dents then wife in the late 70s who lived there with him and I met the guy who owned it in the 90s. I have read that it burnt down before but not sure of the info or when it was? I write to ask you how the gatehouse is or the lodge near the gate is?last I saw it it was painted grey but it was a blood red when Page owned it. Is the gatehouse still standing and in good condition? Do you have any other photos?


    K Harris

    • adamkadmon December 19, 2018 / 8:28 pm

      The fire was about four years ago, iirc. Gatehouse is untouched – still grey, I think, but I didn’t hang around there as there’s folk living in it who I understand are sick of people turning up at their house.

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