The Week in Conspiracy Theories – 31/8/2015

Via Music for Deep Meditation.

A new Australian documentary is being released which has the awesome title, Australien Skies. One of its main focuses seems to be the classic Men in Black narrative, along with its updated 1990s variant, Black Helicopters. So conspiracy and UFOs clearly still linked in the popular imagination. Some might make a connection between recent immigration policy and a fear of attack by aliens, but not me. Trailer below. (Thanks to David Pecotic).

David Clarke posted an extract from his recent book, How UFOs Conquered the World, describing a mid 1960s flap in Wiltshire, known as the “Warfield Thing”. I won’t steal any of Dr Clarke’s vivid account here, but I will link to this 1966 BBC documentary on the subject, entitled Pie in the Sky.

Harvey Proctor is the latest MP to be drawn into the Operation Yewtree paedophile scandal. His response to the accusations against him by an anonymous source (for which he has not been charged, but his name has been apparently given to the press by the police) should give pause to how the police and the UK press are handling such accusations. You can read his full statement here. He concludes:

In summary, the paranoid Police have pursued an homosexual witch hunt on this issue egged on by a motley crew of certain sections of the media and press and a number of Labour Members of Parliament and a ragbag of internet fantasists… Anonymity is given to anyone prepared to make untruthful accusations of child sexual abuse whilst the alleged accused are routinely fingered publicly without any credible evidence first being found. This is not justice. It is an abuse of power and authority.