Naomi Wolf and “insane conspiracy theories”

“it is important for readers who may encounter Wolf’s ideas to understand the distinction between her earlier work, which rose on its merits, and her newer conspiracy theories, which are unhinged, damaging, and dangerous”

Below is a link to an article just published by Vox, written by Max Fisher. Lots to unpack here… Are “conspiracy theories” necessarily “insane”? (Note that the author writes, “I was carrying the assumption that Wolf is a respected and authoritative figure to be taken seriously”.) How does this affect the way that the author (and presumably, Vox’s readership) read Klein’s earlier work? Is the fact that Klein’s earlier work is perceived as left-wing and liberal to be taken into account? Or is it because Vox is left leaning that the “conspiracy theories” are damned so out of hand? (Recent quantitative work has shown a not-inconsiderable link between conspiracy beliefs and the political right).

The insane conspiracy theories of Naomi Wolf – Vox.