The Month in Conspiracy

Alex Jones has publically apologised for his coverage of #PizzaGate, and specifically the allegations against James Alefantis. There is obviously considerable legal pressure being applied behind the scenes here, and it is at this point unclear how this relates to his close connections to the Trump White House. Video below, and a full transcript here.

Antarctica is a hot topic in alternative history narratives these days. Here’s David Wilcock and his latest “insider” Corey Goode on how “The Antarctic Atlantis” relates to the secret space program:

Want to know how it all fits together? This could only be improved if it was designed to look like an octopus. Or a squid, I suppose:

Barth’s Notes on Westminster Attack conspiracy theories:

The autism caused by vaccination narrative gets another celebrity endorsement:

Foster Gamble endorses Fulford’s Dragon Society

Foster and Kimberly Gamble have launched a new initiative, Thrive Together, through their Thrive website. Despite the community rhetoric, it appears to be a fairly standard ‘subscriber exclusive content’ arrangement of the type than many providers of free content are using in the modern information economy.

What caught my eye, however, is that in the first video, Foster and Kimberly talk about the Dragon Family, an Asian secret society supposedly in control of Japanese politicians and bankers. This is a narrative which stems entirely from Benjamin Fulford, formerly Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine until 2005, now operating as an independent writer based in Japan, and was significantly promoted by David Wilcock during 2012 (for example). As I wrote in my forthcoming book:

Fulford claims to have been “the first Westerner for 500 years to be admitted into the ranks of the Eastern secret societies”, collectively known as the White Dragon Society (Fulford 2008, 11)… unknown to the majority, a war for power is raging between competing secret societies, including the Illuminati (the Rothschilds, representing the old European royal houses), the Sabbatean Mafia or military industrial complex (essentially the Rockefellers, in control of the US following a coup d’état in 1913) and the White Dragon Society, who promote free energy and an open press (Fulford 2008, 16). Fulford claims to have been elected as a spokesperson for the White Dragon Society, tasked with bringing the message to the Illuminati “that they must recognise their time is over, step down without a fight and allow the world to thrive as it should”.


The question that we’re being asked most by our network, even more than Ebola, Ukraine, and Isis (which we will be addressing in the future) is “What’s really going on with the economy?” “Are we really in a recovery? Are we on the verge of some even greater catastrophe? Or, is it perhaps something else entirely?” With the current launch of our new ThriveTogether subscription option, we decided to share the following as a sample of the type of in process thinking that we’ll now be sharing with our subscribers. So, I’ll start in and then hand it off to Kimberly.

Regarding the global economy… What we’re actually seeing is unprecedented developments leading toward a possible complete global economic transformation. We see, very probably, a new, more humble, more peaceful role for the United States, a new role for the dollar, and, possibly, new roles for you and me. Here are some facts about a few recent developments that can provide critical background:

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Awake and Aware Q&A Panel

The Awake and Aware conference 2013 (hosted by Project Camelot) was held April 5-7th in Glendale, California. It claims to have been “very likely the first conference of its kind to bring together scientists, researchers, whistleblowers with experience working in above top secret black projects dealing with Time Travel. We are talking about Jump Rooms to Mars, the Moon as well as underground bases and cities connected by high speed maglev trains where you go from Pine Gap Australia to Los Alamos National Labs in minutes rather than hours. We are talking about a Secret Space program operating under cover of secrecy that is going Interstellar and terraforming other planets… These speakers will talk about how the Secret Government travels… by using zero point energy and hyper dimensional physics to negotiate reality in ways we have only dreamed of…”

The speakers included David Wilcock, Jordan Maxwell, “Face on Mars” exponent Richard Hoagland, and Bashar, “a multi-dimensional extraterrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future”.

The reason I’ve put this up is because of the various responses to the failed prophecy of 2012. Some  have gone for the classic “We must have prevented it” gambit, and Hoagland goes for the “The date was off – it’s actually 2015!”  But some of the others are quite novel. That we are moving into different “time-streams”, for example, and in some of those the date of ascension is different. Or that it’s still coming, but moves further into the future depending on our level of awakening.

And I love Wilcock’s admission that he was gobsmacked when we didn’t go into ascension in 2012.

David Wilcock interviewed by Project Camelot

I’m developing a bit a fascination with David Wilcock. He first came to the attention of the public after claiming (though he says, reluctantly) that he was the reincarnation of American “sleeping prophet”, Edgar Cayce. Since then, he has gone on to stage many speaking events (called “convergences”), and to publish a book, The Source Field Investigations. He has toned down the channelling aspect to emphasise a conspiracist narrative about a battle raging between the financial Illuminati and benevolent extraterrestrials. His website,, has become one of the largest sites to merge conspiracy theories with spiritual ideas. Of particular interest is the way in which UFOs once again act as a bridge between New Age and Conspiracist milieux.

Here’s an interview recorded in 2007, by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. The moment where he describes being taken into a back room at a UFO convention and told the whole truth is at the beginning of the second hour: