“A Staggering Tour-de-France”

Finishing up all the details on After World Religions, the Monograph and – especially – the Nova Religio special issue. Mucho stress, but I need to remember that at some point, all of this will come out and be done with, and I can start something else.

(This shows that I am becoming more grown up. A decade back, I’d have started about three things already.)

In the meantime, luch with Titus Hjelm and his lovely family, chats with Jeff Kripal and drunken evenings and family daytimes with Venetia Robertson, Chris Cotter and the Aryan Nation (AKA Ted and Rex, AKA the world’s worst Indigos). A lot of fun. Thanks for the photo, Chris. Two impressive pieces of engineering there.

Tonight we talk RSP business with Indian food.

The Week in Conspiracy Theories:

We have only one entry this week. THE TITANIC HOAX!

Although Alex Jones and Jim Marrs mucking about was also worth a listen (skip to 2-and-a-half hours in).

Public Monograph: Day 11

It is done. Quad scripsi, scripsi.

It feels like a time of big changes. Rex is out of nappies AT LAST, so no more nappy bags or high chairs or prams or any of the accoutrements of life with pre-schoolers cluttering up my house and my life. Today is the first day of the school holidays, and when they’re done, both boys will be at school. And that means pretty much double the number of working hours in my week.

With that are three big publications in the coming six months – After World Religions (January), my Millennial Conspiracism monograph (February) and the special issue of Nova Religio on “Conspiracy theories in Alternative and Emergent Religions” (November). At the same time, it’s clear that I won’t be walking into a tenure-track job in the foreseeable future, so there’s that.  This weekend, I’m going on a writing retreat for three days to Upland Shepherd Huts in the Lammermuir Hills – my 40th birthday present from my beloved. I will have a wood burner, a barbeque and no internet or phone. I will be attempting to finish a draft of a novel, and plan out what my next few projects will be.

Public Monograph: Day 10

I had a couple of extra shifts at my part-time job, so my partner took the kids to her folk’s house for the weekend for help and to give me time to write. Ostensibly, to finish the book. Or, you know, to get stupidly drunk and do nothing at all. I started well, but some urgent emails came in, the stress got to me, and I couldn’t work anymore. So I played Hitman: Absolution and watched Zodiac for the twentieth time before falling asleep on the couch.

Sometimes people ask me, How do you get so much done? Too often the answer is, At the expense of my health.

I went back to it the next day, feeling ill and sheepish, and managed to pretty much finish the manuscript, with the exception of the picture rights, which are still up in the air. Turns out the editor is off this week anyway.

Public Monograph, Day 8

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. The truth is that a lot of little hings have been taking up my time and preventing me from getting a full day’s work on the book. Rather, it’s been stolen half-hours, like this:


Hellish, eh? But today I managed to (almost) clear the decks, and managed a solid day. And at the end of it, I have a full draft, with each chapter formatted and separated into its own Word file, along with some front matter and a the bibliography. I got to chapter 5 in checking the references, so I will need to finish that at some point over the weekend.

I also have permissions for a couple of the images I want to use, but a couple of them are asking for money. Now, I have no budget from Bloomsbury, and with a print-run of 600, I don’t really blame them. So now I have the tricky decision – do I pay out of my own pocket? Replace the images with different ones? Or just delete? Probably, the answer is a mixture of all three.

Another thing still to do is to go through my many folders of papers and bring some of the references up-to-date. But that will be more fun than it sounds. All told, it’s still possible for me to submit next week…

Public Monograph: Day 7

After submitting the manuscript to After World Religions last week, I had to finish my chapter for a forthcoming INFORM/Ashgate volume on New Religions and uncertainty. It was curious: having been asked to supply a short draft of around 3000 words, I was then meant to submit a version closer to 6000. The problem was that I’d kinda done what I wanted in 3000 words… I handed it in short. I like it as it is. And there’s no point in padding.

I put it down to experience. If I’d have written that 5 years ago, it’d have been 7000 words.

Then I turned forty at the weekend. Instead of a party, I invited a couple of my oldest friends for a recording session. In 10 hours, we recorded a version of Dogs by Pink Floyd and two new songs of my composition. I was too tired to record finished vocals, so I won’t share the recordings here yet, but here is visual evidence:

Displaying IMG_1417.JPG

And yes, that’s a box of Carlsberg.

On monday morning I had two fillings.

So I’m back to the book this morning, happy, but tired. I had an hour or so of sending out emails asking for permission to reproduce various things. Then I went through chapter 6 for about 3 hours, finding an alarming number of typos. Chapter 6 was the chapter I’d had most problems with when I wrote my PhD, and so is the one I’m most concerned with improving. But also the one that’s most daunting.

Two weeks to go.