I’m on The Paracast

American friends – I am on the Paracast with Gene Steinberg on GCN right now! Here’s the link – http://www.theparacast.com/podcast/now-playing-april-17-2016-david-g-robertson/

Everyone else, I’ll have a link up to the podcast soon. It’s a two hour show, so I’m a little less guarded than is sometimes the case… But it was a lot of fun.



2 thoughts on “I’m on The Paracast

  1. Marc April 17, 2016 / 10:28 pm

    The ‘Drake’ person you mentioned during the segment on Wilcock, was in fact a militia member (not an illuminati member), who claimed to be in touch with ‘Pentagon insiders’, who were going to overthrow the US government within a few months (he made these claims in April 2012).

    What’s interesting, is that this marked Wilcock’s transition from an Obama supporting, left-of-field new ager to a right-wing conspiracy theorist: all of a sudden, he started to talk about satanic symbols in pop culture and he became a fervent Putin supporter.

    PS: another good radio-show/podcast you might consider is “Darkness Radio” (darknessradio.com). Like “Paracast”, they are (one of the few) skeptic-friendly paranormal shows.

    • adamkadmon April 18, 2016 / 10:21 pm

      You’re quite right about Drake, Marc – the danger of doing a two-hour show late at night off the top of my head 🙂

      I think he was promoting Benjamin Fulford’s material before that, but certainly it is around that point he began to wholeheartedly embrace conspiracy narratives. I suspect the imminent failure of his 2012 prophecies had a lot to do with him changing direction.

      Thanks for the Darkness Radio suggestion – I enjoyed the Paracast, but I might be a little too academic for most of these shows. We’ll see…

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