“A Staggering Tour-de-France”

Finishing up all the details on After World Religions, the Monograph and – especially – the Nova Religio special issue. Mucho stress, but I need to remember that at some point, all of this will come out and be done with, and I can start something else.

(This shows that I am becoming more grown up. A decade back, I’d have started about three things already.)

In the meantime, luch with Titus Hjelm and his lovely family, chats with Jeff Kripal and drunken evenings and family daytimes with Venetia Robertson, Chris Cotter and the Aryan Nation (AKA Ted and Rex, AKA the world’s worst Indigos). A lot of fun. Thanks for the photo, Chris. Two impressive pieces of engineering there.

Tonight we talk RSP business with Indian food.

The Week in Conspiracy Theories:

We have only one entry this week. THE TITANIC HOAX!

Although Alex Jones and Jim Marrs mucking about was also worth a listen (skip to 2-and-a-half hours in).

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