Public Monograph, Day 8

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. The truth is that a lot of little hings have been taking up my time and preventing me from getting a full day’s work on the book. Rather, it’s been stolen half-hours, like this:


Hellish, eh? But today I managed to (almost) clear the decks, and managed a solid day. And at the end of it, I have a full draft, with each chapter formatted and separated into its own Word file, along with some front matter and a the bibliography. I got to chapter 5 in checking the references, so I will need to finish that at some point over the weekend.

I also have permissions for a couple of the images I want to use, but a couple of them are asking for money. Now, I have no budget from Bloomsbury, and with a print-run of 600, I don’t really blame them. So now I have the tricky decision – do I pay out of my own pocket? Replace the images with different ones? Or just delete? Probably, the answer is a mixture of all three.

Another thing still to do is to go through my many folders of papers and bring some of the references up-to-date. But that will be more fun than it sounds. All told, it’s still possible for me to submit next week…

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