Public Monograph: Day 3

A slow start due to a late night watching the election results. Read Chapters 5 and 6, continuing to add items to the index. I stopped before tackling the conclusion, however, as I was utterly knackered and I had a recording session that evening, so I went for a walk instead.

At this point, I am rather happy with the manuscript, and see less rewriting than I would have thought. Some questions that are arising:

  • Do I update these chapters to include the events since I originally wrote them, or leave as is, reflecting a particular time period, and revisit the subjects in a future work? Alternatively, do I add a post-script, mirroring the prologue?
  • Some issues of privacy are different now. I’ll have to anonymise anyone I cited without asking if I could, because being named in thesis and being named in a published book are not the same thing at all.
  • At the same time, I wonder if I should get in contact with those I can for further comment? This is problematic in itself… Some people I am more friendly with thn I was, while others have dropped of my radar for whatever reason. Some I don’t want to contact because I know they have more important concerns and I don’t want to waste their time; others (like Icke) I worry that at this late stage might see the whole thing combatitively.
  • I’ll have to contact all the sources for images again. Have thought of some new possibilities, however…

One thought on “Public Monograph: Day 3

  1. Jim B May 12, 2015 / 7:48 pm

    Sounds good.

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