Public Monograph: Day 1

Screenshot_2015-05-05-21-18-31Day 1 of the process of putting together my monograph, Millennial Conspiracism: UFOs, Conspiracy Theories and the New Age, was somewhat stymied by a stack of 91 essay papers to mark and printer trouble. But I eventually managed to get started. I made a project in Todoist (on the right), and printed the draft out and started reading. I got a chapter and a half into it (out of seven), but in my defence, these were the parts which require the most rewriting, and I had to make a lot of decisions about how I would deal with terminology and such which will carry on through the rest of the book. I retitled all the chapters to sound less like a thesis. I also took a look at the last book in the Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies series, Mika Lassander’s Post-Materialist Religionto get an idea of the referencing, formatting, length and so on.


IMG_20150504_120043Somewhere towards the end of that pint, I paused to reconsider the wisdom of doing this publicly.



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