Another event I’m taking part in. Consider popping along if you’re in London on the 7th of February. Some interesting topics and some very good speakers. Click the “More” thingy to see the full line-up and booking details.

Inform Winter Seminar – Innovation, Violence and Paralysis: How do Minority Religions Cope with Uncertainty?

Saturday, 7 February 2015; 9.30am – 5.00pm
New Academic Building, London School of Economics.

What happens when groups lose control of their own destiny? Whether it leads to violence, as in the case of Aum Shinrikyo’s response to a potential police investigation in 1995, or to non-violent innovations, as found in minority religions following the death of their founders or leaders, uncertainty and insecurity can lead to great change in the mission and even teachings of religious groups. What does it take to bring back certainty? Bringing together past and current members, as well as academics and practitioners this seminar will explore how minority religions and their members work with notions of uncertainty and insecurity.

9.30 – 10.00 REGISTRATION
10.00 – 10.05 Eileen Barker (Founder and Honorary Research Fellow, Inform) Welcome and Housekeeping
10.05 – 10.15 Kim Knott (Professor of Religious and Secular Studies in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University) Introduction
10.15 – 10.45 Graham Macklin
10.45 – 11.15 Titus Hjelm (Lecturer, UCL) Paradoxes of Religious Legitimacy and Authenticity in an Age of Expediency
11.15 – 11.40 TEA/COFFEE
11.40 – 12.10 Suzanne Newcombe (Research Officer at Inform) Certain Beliefs and Uncertain Evidence: The Case of Shugden
12.10 – 12.40 Lois Kendall
12.40 – 13.10 Dawn Marie Gibson (Lecturer, Royal Holloway, University of London) Uncertain times in the Nation of Islam’s Past and Present
13.10 – 14.10 LUNCH
14.10 – 14.40 George Sieg (Adjunct Professor, University of New Mexico)
14.40 – 15.10 Anthony Fiscella (Doctoral Student, Lund University) Moving Mountains: From Colonial Orders to Universal Change
15.10 – 15.40 TEA/COFFEE
15.40 – 16.10 David Robertson Conspiracy Theories as Response to Uncertainty in Minority Religions

Registration is now open and can be done using a credit/debit card through PayPal or by posting a booking form and a cheque payable to ‘Inform’ to Inform, Houghton St., London WC2A 2AE.

Tickets (including buffet lunch, coffee and tea) paid by 19 January 2015 cost  £38 each (£18 students/unwaged). Tickets booked after 19 January 2015 will cost £48 each (£28 students/unwaged). A limited number of seats will be made available to A-Level students at £10 before 10 November 2014 (£20 after 19 January).

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