The People’s Voice, Part 2

This is the second part of my history of the independent “alternative” internet channel, The People’s Voice. You can read part one here.

28/2/14 – Live broadcasting on TVP ceases.

A third Indigogo fundraiser was launched, running from 18/3 – 17/4/2014. Although the goal was initially £250,000, later dropped to a more modest £50,000, only £36,393 was raised. It was claimed that the funding was needed to facilitate a move to a new studio which would enable TPV to broadcast over satellite outside the UK. This would never happen.

9/7/14 – Icke leaves the People’s Voice (9/7/14)

TPV was created to give a platform to suppressed information that the mainstream media ignores or ridicules and in that sense it has been successful with more than 5,000 hours of such information broadcast from around the world 24 hours a day since November 2013.

Its major problems have come from not being able to attract advertising and sponsorship to pay ongoing running costs and because, in among the many thoroughly decent and committed people who have been involved, it has attracted some of the most poisonous, manipulating, me, me, me self-obsessives you could ever meet.

Certainly, I have rarely experienced so many such characters passing through one location. This has meant ongoing abuse from those who didn’t get what they thought TPV would give them and this has generated a lot of negativity and put off potential advertisers and sponsors.

It was not about how these people served the greater good, but how the greater good could serve them and when it didn’t they set out to trash it.

To set up forums to seek to destroy something created to alert people to the nightmare that is unfolding for everyone – the ISIS situation in the Middle East is the start of a whole new deeply disturbing stage – has to be, in my view, an extreme form of mental illness.

I agreed when the idea for TPV was mooted to give it my full-time commitment as an unpaid volunteer until February 2014. This I did at great cost to myself financially and in terms of my health and I returned home to continue my other work on March 1st as I always said that I would.

TPV has struggled on since then financially with stalwarts like Richie Allen, who is totally committed to its ethos, and I have supported when necessary from afar. But I have now been told by the TPV director, Sean Adl, and his marriage partner, that my input is no longer required and that I should not ‘interfere’ in what Sean Adl calls ‘his business’.

In fact, it is and has always been The People’s business and everyone else involved have been purely custodians. This ethos has now been lost, not least because of people brought in who are clueless both about the ethos and the information that TPV was created to communicate.

I am also perturbed that a part-time bookkeeper that I brought in at the start because of her honestly and integrity has been fired in the last few days with a two-line email after the best part of a year of diligent work.

I will still be happy to appear on any show presented by Richie Allen, or outside contributors, because the information is what matters, lest anyone forget, but I wanted to make it clear that I am no longer attached in any way to TPV which is very sad, but there we are.

The saddest thing that the TPV experience has shown me is that the number of people who are totally committed to making a difference and putting personal and petty desires and prejudices aside to that end are still tragically few.

Me, me, me is the disease that got humanity into this mess and it is certainly not going to get us out of it.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai: “This is an exciting and somewhat scary period right now where we need to take the good parts from the first 7 months and shape them into something sustainable for the future – changing the way we do things for the better…

“TPV was set up last year to give the people a platform to enable them to truly challenge the establishment. To have real journalists expose the injustices happening around the world on a daily basis. It is the people’s platform to showcase music, comedy and art.

“We began broadcasting just 7 months ago and fulfilled what we initially set out to do. I see those 7 months as our infancy stage. A stage where we’ve learnt an awful lot very quickly. TPV has a long life ahead of it and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the potential this idea has. We have made mistakes and learnt from them. This is an exciting and somewhat scary period right now where we need to take the good parts from the first 7 months and shape them into something sustainable for the future – changing the way we do things for the better.

“All of this has been an immense and thrilling challenge and David leaving, although unsettling, is ultimately for the best. Everybody at TPV knew since launching last year that he wouldn’t be able to stick around on the project above and beyond a few months due to other commitments he has. However, I wasn’t anticipating him leaving in the manner he did.

“I’ve worked with David for the last 8 years and since getting married it all came to an abrupt end which I wasn’t expecting…”

“When I read his statement I didn’t recognize the situation or the person he was describing in it. My version of events is very different. However, If there is one thing David has taught me over the last 8 years, it’s that we all create our own reality. There are a lot of questions and thoughts I have about all of this – but my focus is on TPV right now and not in getting into a public dispute. One thing can say though: TPV is not ’the David Icke channel’ – it’s the people’s channel.”

13/7/14 – A response from David Icke to SilvaRizla, on david icke forums:

Silva … thanks for the letter and I will make these points. 

1) Myself, and David Icke Books were by far the biggest single donators to TPV. This came in the following forms:

  1. a) David Icke Books paid Sean Adl a fulltime wage while he was the director of TPV in a period that he neglected, of which he was webmaster, to such an extent that at the time when I removed him as webmaster was in danger of ceasing to exist.

David Icke Books paid him this money despite all so he didn’t have to take a wage from TPV. In this way alone David Icke Books donated a very large amount of money to TPV – more than any other single donor by far with these payments alone.

But that is not the end of it.

I personally donated money and asked for monthly donations of a few pounds knowing from the start where it would mostly come from – people then subscribing to moving over to subscribe to TPV. This is exactly what happened and lost a very considerable amount of income that was essential to keeping it going.

I lived in a spare room in Wembley for six months with all the expense of living away from home and paying double the living expenses. That bill ran to thousands and yet I never took a cent from TPV at any point.

Ironic, given that people like Sonia Poulton were paid.

I also found out, by accident recently, that Sean Adl was running the TPV website off the servers so we were paying for that, too.

Add that little lot together and the cumulative cost to, David Icke Books and myself doesn’t bare thinking about. No other donor came even close to that figure.

When I became a director briefly at the start my role all the way through was to get the content together, not run the station, and when you have a blank sheet of paper and 24 hours of content to fill seven days a week that is a task I would not wish on anyone. That was the role that I said I would do from the start until March 2014 – content.

The reason I resigned as a director was because we were forced into coming under Ofcom regulations and among them is that directors of media companies cannot appear on air. Therefore had I not resigned I could not have delivered information on air – so destroying the very reason for TPV’s existence – cutting edge content.

We wanted to structure TPV as a non-profitmaking trust or foundation, but again we were told by accountants that we could not do this and be ‘political’ because the law didn’t allow it. If we couldn’t be ‘political’ in the widest sense there was, once more, no point in being there. This left us with the lose-both-ways situation of running as a non-profitmaking PLC with none of the tax benefits of being a non-profit.

The Brent Council rate bill alone was something like £32,000.

The cost of running the kind of global media operation that was put in place in a ridiculously short time is incredible and those that ask ‘where did the money go’ have no idea what those costs are. The donated money – including all that from David Icke sources – went to building a studio from scratch, equiping it with the technology necessary to make it work and in running an operation from effectively September 2013 until July 2014. In the period from the on-air date in November 2013 to July 2014 something like 5,000 hours of programming was broadcast while the income was way, way short of what was necessary to meet the running costs of a 24 hour a day operation aimed at the world rather than just the UK.

You would need to approach those who ran the accounting side of things for the detail – it wasn’t my area – but I was aware of the major bills to get TPV on air and I can tell you they were very considerable.

TPV could easily have worked because by November 2013 everything was in place to make it so. It ultimately didn’t because it could not attract advertising and sponsorship to meet running costs and thus what was broadcast had to be reduced in terms of live content which is, as you would expect, the most expensive. The major reasons TPV did not attract adverstising and sponsorship is (a) the content we were putting out put off all but small alternative companies with little money for advertising and (b) another gigantic irony, because of the scale of abuse the station received from Sonia Poulton and her vicious groupies and their like after I called her out on her outrageous Diva behaviour and treatment of people and she walked out in a huff.

Only then did she start attacking the station over money – not before.

I have always worked alone apart from the experience with TPV and I will always work alone again from now on because, along with the lovely people, some of the most poisonous, manipulative and mendacious people imaginable came and went through those doors to trash what we were trying to create for the greater good.

I came home from TPV on March 1st as I said that I would from the start. I have a life’s work to fulfill and that does not include running a TV station long-term. It was created for others to take on once it was up and running. I said that from the start, too – this is not about me, it is about giving a platform for the information to others.

In the last few months I have been disgusted with the behaviour of the director, Sean Adl, especially since he brought his marriage partner into TPV to call the shots when he has no idea whatsoever what he is talking about. That could only end one way. I was told I wasn’t welcome any more and that was that. Sean Adl, who agreed all along that he was a custodian, not an owner, suddenly announced that he was the owner.

So, Silva, I can understand why you contacted me and I am happy to reply, but if anyone should be sad and disappointed it is me who through many and various means gave TPV so much money, worked full-time for nothing, sometimes incredible hours every week, and has taken the untold abuse ongoing for decisions that I did not make.

For example, no one consulted me before asking for another £400,000 in the second crowd sourcing campaign – a figure I through was ludicrous when I found out and in no way achieveable or desirable. TPV had to stand by itself long-term through advertising and sponsorship or not at all.

Another irony to finish: I am the only full-time person at TPV not to be paid a penny and all this abuse from former employees like Sonia Poulton and others comes from those who were.

So many times I wonder why I bother, but then I look at the world and remember.

I will be working alone again from now on, I can tell you that.

all the best to you,


30/6/14 – Company now seems to be registered in California:


Entity Number: C3688418

Date Filed: 06/30/2014

Status: ACTIVE

Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA

Entity Address: 4169 LAREDO LN UNIT B

Entity City, State, Zip: SIMI VALLEY CA 93063

Agent for Service of Process: SINCLAIR TREADWAY

Agent Address: 4169 LAREDO LN UNIT B

Agent City, State, Zip: SIMI VALLEY CA 93063

11/7/14 – The People’s Voice declared insolvent: . Meetings of Creditors

PEOPLE’S VOICE BROADCASTING LIMITED (Company Number 08532866) Registered office: 12 Romney Place, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6LE Principal trading address: (formerly) 8th Floor, Wembley Point, 1 Harrow Road, HA9 6DE Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 98 of the Insolvency Act 1986 that a meeting of the creditors of the above-named Company will be held at 25 Harley Street, London W1G 9BR, on 23 July 2014, at 12.00 noon for the purposes mentioned in Sections 99, 100 and 101 of the said Act, to receive a statement of the Company’s affairs, to nominate one or more Insolvency Practitioner/s as Liquidator/s, and to consider the appointment of a Liquidation Committee. If a Liquidation Committee is not formed, the Meeting may be asked to consider other Resolutions, including the basis upon which the Liquidator/s is/are to be remunerated, and for the approval of the costs of preparing the statement of affairs and convening the Meetings of the members and creditors. Creditors wishing to vote at the Meeting must lodge a form of Proxy, together, with a full statement of account, at the offices of Yerrill Murphy, Gateway House, Highpoint Business Village, Henwood, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8DH, not later than 12.00 noon on 22 July 2014. For the purposes of voting, a Secured Creditor is required, unless he surrenders his security, to lodge at the offices of Yerrill Murphy, as above, before the meeting, a statement giving full particulars of his security, the date when it was given, and the value at which it is assessed. I D Yerrill (IP No. 8924), of Yerrill Murphy, Gateway House, Highpoint Business Village, Henwood, Ashford, Kent TN24 8DH is qualified to act as an Insolvency Practitioner in relation to the Company, and is instructed by the Company to convene the meeting of creditors. Mr Yerrill who may be contacted on 01233 666280, or by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will during the period before the day the meeting is to be held, furnish creditors, free of charge, with such information concerning the Company’s affairs as they may reasonably require. Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Director 04 July 2014

Notice details Type: Corporate InsolvencyMeetings of Creditors Publication date: 11 July 2014, 13:27

Edition: The London Gazette

Notice ID: 2167468

Notice code: 2442

About Meetings of Creditors notices

Meetings of Creditors (2442)
What is this notice?
Meeting of Creditors is part of the creditors’ voluntary winding-up corporate insolvency process. The associated Gazette notice informs creditors of the time, date and place of a meeting at least 7 days in advance of it.
What legislation does it relate to? – Insolvency Act 1986 Meeting of Creditors (S. 98 (1) (c)); (S. 95 (2) (c))
Who places this notice? – Company directors
Where can I find these notices on The Gazette website? – link to notice type 2442
Further information…oluntary-liquidation

25/9/14 – Elissa Hawke’s lengthy account of her time at TVP, with lots of conspiratorial suggestions…

I don’t wish to participate in actions of the courts. The types of people who have the money and the ill will to set up an organisation such as this merely to deliberately steer it towards a quick death for a massive unaccounted profit, these types do not wish for the cystem to be dismantled. No, these types earn lots of money working for their masters. These  types know how to have their way in courts, often have connections with funny handshakes with people who run those dog and pony shows, so I see no sense in seeking justice  there.

‘Tis all just a game, after all, so it is important there are characters in the game like David Icke’s manager, Sean ADL-Tabatabai, as he said to me himself, once, something along the lines of, ‘in the end, nothing matters, so the people doing the dark things just give the people doing all  the light things, balance…’

I didn’t disagree with him, just told him, “I wish to keep my conscience clean, as I know the weight of living with my own cruelty, greed, ignorance, anger, jealousy, smallness, fear, etc, and I don’t wish to further magnetize it.”

From being friends with everyone and having regular hugs with Dave, within a month, there were weird divisions, David stopped looking at me, saying hello or acknowledging me, and at the very end, even his sons, who were always friendly, would not look at me. I asked Jaymie, his youngest son one day, “why are you all being so weird to me?, Why don’t you give me a hug anymore?” and he just looked at me as if he was looking through me and stayed quiet.

It surprises me, to recognise in myself my inability to just ask Sean myself. “Are you taking the piss with the donations?” I guess I knew I had no power to change his spiritual predilections. By the time I realised I didn’t trust my new found friend and also that Dave had signed 100% of the business over to him, someone must have whispered in Dave’s ear that I was drinking the blood of babies on my day off, or something(*?)and he clearly wouldn’t have taken my word over Seans, Richies, Deannas or Liz’ds.

It is too true, some people really love their slavery. Some people will do anything to keep it, including rip off tens of thousands of peoples’ money and goodwill, just for some quick cool cash, (and bitcoin), not to mention the thrill of wringing ones tiny fists like Smithers.

So the situation as of now is that TPV, in name, consisting of Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway, are now trying to restart in the US. Icke has broken off links with everyone except Richie Allen and those he was related to. Gareth Icke has taken over as webmaster of from Adl-Tabatabai. Sonia Poulton claims that she is producing a documentary on the claims of fraud and financial impropiety at TVP, but nothing has yet surfaced. If and when it does, it will likely cause Icke considerable embarrassment. Yet I suspect it never will, because it seems like the history of the People’s Voice exemplifies the fractiousness of the Cultic Milieu perfectly. It was doomed to failure from the start because all of the players involved a) have a tendency towards thinking in terms of in-groups and out-groups, and b) see a hidden hand behind everything, what I call “occluded malevolent agencies”. So everyone there is potentially a “shill” (the favoured term for a double-agent), trust dissolves and collapse is inevitable.

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