Bilderberg, Alex Jones, David Icke and UKIP

Martin Rowson cartoon 8.6.2013

I expect, if you read this blog, that you’ll be aware that the 2013 Bilderberg Group meeting took place over the weekend at the Grove hotel in Watford. Only a few years ago, the press were largely denying the existence of the group; this year it has been covered by the Guardian (Martin Rowson’s cartoon from 8.6.2013 shown on left), the Independent, Sky News, the BBC and undoubtedly other outlets. The BBC even had Alex as a guest, although frankly I don’t think he handled it too well (see below). His similar tactics against Piers Morgan in the US were probably better received because many Americans see Morgan as an outsider, but here, Jones was the outsider.

Alex Jones has covered the Bilderberg Group for a long time, and this year travelled to the UK to personally report on the event, and to “bullhorn” the meeting from a barge. He also got to meet David Icke in person for the first time, despite Icke being a frequent guest (via skype) on his daily show. You can watch the interview below.

Don’t forget that in 2001, Alex Jones called Icke a “con man” and the Reptilian thesis as the “turd in the punchbowl” of his otherwise lucid conspiracist research in Jon Ronson’s Secret Rulers of the World documentary series on Channel 4. Interestingly, Icke now seems to be attempting to set up a media operation similar to Jones’.

Another guest to feature on the show was UKIP MEP Gerard Batten (below). Nigel Farage and Lord Monkton have both previously appeared on Jones’ show. Presumably, they are hoping that this exposure will increase their profile internationally through Jones’ considerable US audience, and may even be part of a strategy aimed at creating a broader libertarian network. However, given their recent bullish trajectory in the UK, how wise is it for them to be aligning themselves with someone who has just been called an “idiot” and a “lunatic” on the BBC?

One thought on “Bilderberg, Alex Jones, David Icke and UKIP

  1. Jim June 10, 2013 / 3:40 pm

    Thanks David. Whatever your personal views are it is useful to hear and discuss this information outside the limits of soundbites, name calling, and one liner news reports.

    The true irony is that Icke and Jones are doing what major world press organizations should have been doing for decades. The 1% elite did not come about organically or through Capitalism and the Free Market . In the US especially the legislation over the past 2 or 3 decades were building blocks to allow for the type of plunder we see today. Our watchdogs were sleeping or looking the other way ( though bought up is just as accurate in many cases ). The term conspiracy is now mostly used as an emotionally charged term to belittle and deride. Let’s just say many of these things were planned , well thought out, and quite frankly brilliant.

    If anyone believes that the massive transfer of wealth to an extremely small minority is a coincidence then they are among a shrinking minority of ” Coincidence Theorists” who might also believe that houses get built without blueprints, planning meetings, and work contracts which lead to workers following orders down to the last nail and paved walkway allowing the new owner to walk in the front door and flip on the switch. Icke and Jones are not correct 100% of the time.

    What are the implications if say 50% or even 25% of the information these two , and others, expose of these brilliant plans is found to be factual. Much of it is out in the open and takes no leap of faith. The UK press and other world press report these corruptions better than the mainstream US press. The UK press however has been much more hesitant to expose the same corruption within its own ranks.They fear the term conspiracy theorist more than the the implications and fallout of actual conspiracies.

    The truth ( like everyday’s bloody and depressing news headlines ) may not make you free. It may make you sad, disillusioned, angry, a little fearful or paranoid, or with a sense of helplessness. That may lead to other things which may eventually set one/us free. It is what is our plate now,, however it got there.

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