David Icke and Holly Willoughby in the same post? Be still, my beating heart!

This seems to have taken place shortly after the Wembley event in October – interesting then, that it’s Human Race Get Off Your Knees that’s being advertised, rather than Remember Who You Are. Not sure what the significance is.

Interesting to compare how Philip Schofield deals with Icke compared to Wogan, Nicky Campbell and Fern Britton. Respectful without being sarcastic or overly apologetic. Bearing in mind, however, that he also presented David Cameron with a list of paedophiles he’d printed off the internet…

I think that might also be the only time I ever agreed with David Cameron. Although, I found it hard to concentrate on what he or Schofield were saying…

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  1. Jim Boyle March 28, 2013 / 8:13 pm

    When are your own thoughts on the Wembly event coming David? At 9 minutes into the icke interview David pointedly speaks of the real anarchy which according to physicist Tom Campell’s Big T.O.E. ( Theory of Everything ) is an example of entropy. Icke uses .the work of people like theoretical quantum physicist Amit Goswami and others and then makes his own leaps of faith. He is both right and wrong The web of control does exist. One cannot read a daily news headline without seeing the results, without seeing how it tries to remain hidden ( occulted ). Exposing it to the light of reason such as the Icelandic banks or the military industrtial complex here in the US leads to the opposite of entropy – a type of human evolution perhaps similar to the one which took place in Sparta with the first democracies or the throwing off of the concept Monarchy which happened in the American Colonies, or even perhaps the change in attitude which became the Arab spring. Icke’s conclusions and Icke’s information he is presenting should be looked at separately. One is information the other speculation. Both have their own validity.Does it mean one has to accept that the Queen of England is the biggest drug dealer in the world? No. Does that then mean we are free and the puppetmasters of world banking politics and conflict are 100% conspiratorial fantasy. Also no. some may say this is all departing from scientific thought and an Age of Reason. More importantly it may be evolving into an Age of Decernment.

    • adamkadmon March 29, 2013 / 3:17 pm

      Yes, I don’t accept the whole “anti-scientific” argument either. Anti-tradition or anti-institution if anything.

      I’ll try to get some thoughts about Icke at Wembley up in the next few days – had quite forgotten about that.

  2. Jim Boyle March 30, 2013 / 2:51 pm

    Thanks David. Looking forward to it.

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