Stephen Quayle on the Nephelim

Another quick video update. This is an interview with author Stephen Quayle on the Coast to Coast AM, the US radio show which is a never-ending source of this sort of material. Quayle’s hypothesis is that the Nephelim (the fallen angels of Genesis chapter 6) are really extraterrestrials who are waging a war against humanity. This stuff represents a Christian appropriation of the material I have been presenting more often mixed with New Age material. See also Chuck Missler’s Alien Encounters: The Secret of the UFO Phenomenon.


One thought on “Stephen Quayle on the Nephelim

  1. Carmel Kinsella March 21, 2012 / 11:52 am

    I have just one idea to go on with my faith. Love thy enemies do good to those who would hurt you …in spirit as well as practically .If we assume that the devil the false prophet the black beast and the beast like a lamb and the three demons are our enemies what evil will they have to utilize against us if all we give each other is compassion . We are enabling them by doing what goes against the gospel.And I know Our Lady believes in a Universal Church the Church of light that there will be a new era a renewed Earth (our world) and a new Heaven here on the Earth . How many people have to bear like Jesus did before more people will love and bear a spiritual or physical burden Ie lighten someones load. I am not saying believe in evil but the best way to learn how to defeat evil and at the same time learn of the intellegence that the evil one has, is to be kind to everyone .and trust the Holy Archangels and Guardian angels in fact all .the Holy angels.

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