Muktuk: Hard-Boiled Shaman

Do you like comics? Do you like comics about shamen? Especially when they’re meticulously researched, and narrated as though they were written by Raymond Chandler?

What’s that you say? That’s the sort of cultural bricolagé guaranteed to get you all aflutter?

Then Muktuk: Hard-Boiled Shaman by Terry LaBan is the web-comic for you. Produced as a Masters thesis (now why didn’t I think of that!), do not let the frisson between the cartoony drawing style, noir narration and accurate portrayal of Siberian shamanic practices. Recently completed, the full thing will be online for a little while longer, until Terry finds a publisher. I doubt he’ll have to wait too long. Please do have a read.

Here’s the first page for your delectation:

Now It Begins

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