2 thoughts on “9-11: The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

  1. Colleen Barr January 21, 2012 / 2:13 am

    the illuminati are supposedly elitests who own the major corporations & basically run our gov’t with theyre money. that part is nothing new. but the theory takes it a giant step further to basically say they are evil communists who ultimately create a world gov’t & theyre ultimate intentions are far from altruistic, rather pretty flagrantly evil.

    is any of this really feasible / possible, etc…?

    (i heard this from alex jones documentaries on infowars.com)

  2. adamkadmon January 21, 2012 / 11:42 am

    It is possible. But extremely unlikely, as anything with such a number of moving parts would be very difficult to keep secret. It comes down to the fact that, as the supposed Illuminati plot is non-falsifiable – that is to say, cannot be definitively scientifically proven wrong – it remains possible. In fact, the absence of evidence is often posited as proof of the conspiracy. The existence of god or gods is also non-falsifiable, but many believe in them, and take comfort from that belief. I do not.

    But if you look more closely at what you have written, you’ll see that this worldview is entirely an extrapolation of the American political sense of self. There exists, you posit, such a thing as “evil”, a fundamentally dualistic, Judeo-christian concept. Not only that, but the globalists are “communists”, so the rhetoric of the Cold War gets mixed up with the US decline as a hegemonic power against the encroachment of international bodies such as the IMF, NATO and the EU. In short, global conspiracy theory posited by Jones and others is popular because it explains why the US is in the position it is, and the apparent powerlessness of the individual to change anything.

    So I cannot say that it is impossible, but that’s a long way from saying something so unlikely is true. And I’ve told you why I think it appeals despite its extreme position. But you’ll have to decide for yourself.

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