Kripal reviews Morrison

Jeffery Kripal, whose Authors of the Impossible I have just reviewed for the Journal of Religious History, has just published a review of Grant Morrison‘s Supergods, who I am going to see on Saturday at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Kripal’s work has intersected with mine in regards to gnosticism, UFOs and alternative spirituality generally, though I take issue with his methodology, and now it seems he’s into comics as well. All that has to happen is for Grant Morrison to review a book of mine, and we’ve come full circle.

I give you a taste below; follow link for full review at Religion Dispatches:

Authors and artists, it turns out, routinely undergo profound, life-changing mystical experiences and then encode these events in their fantasy and fiction. Consider the work of Grant Morrison, a Scottish punk rocker and bad boy turned mega-popular comic writer whose mind-bending writing has influenced such blockbuster films as The Matrix and X2: X-Men United. Morrison’s work is suffused with fierce countercultural sensibilities and a dramatic contact experience he underwent in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 1994. Morrison had played with the paranormal notion of “being written” since his early work in books like Animal Man, but the Kathmandu event clearly turbo-boosted this idea into orbit, as is evident in his metaphysical manifesto, The Invisibles. Fans, eager for another major statement, now have it in the recently released Supergods.

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