When Lizards Marry

I’m disappointed that David Icke has remained silent on today’s ‘big event’.

It doesn’t really surprise me that the British (although, let’s be honest, mostly the English) public have fallen for the media circus surrounding the royal wedding (yet I hasten to add that I suspect the silent majority simply don’t care). However, I am deeply saddened by the lack of any critique from the press. Despite services being slashed and jobs being cut across the board, somehow we can come up with £20 million to pay for this, not to mention the man-hours lost from the bank holiday. Surely we need that money to bomb Middle-Eastern countries with? And that’s not even to mention the human rights abuses in arresting potential protesters – Pre-Crime, in the UK today. I find it literally disgusting.

Thus I feel the need to come out and publicly state my republicanism, despite the possibility that this might be read by future employers. In my opinion, the royalty are an embarrassment to this country, and to any country that considers themselves rational, modern or in any way heir to the Enlightenment project.

Remember, kids: an independent Scotland is pretty much the only way of freeing ourselves from the monarchy. Nationalism need not mean jingoism; there are often good practical reasons why countries that have been tied together politically through circumstance would be better off when separated. Scotland is pretty solidly socialist; England really isn’t. Want to move past the monarchy? Vote SNP.

I’m no Seinfeld fan, but Jerry’s bang to rights on this one:

And live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones:

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