Study Hacks Article

A quiet week.

I have a couple of manuscripts ready to send out to editors, when I get round to it, The Men in Red and Quod Scriptus Scriptus. I am cutting adjectives from Scriptus in an effort to take it under the 2500 mark, which gives it a far better chance of publication. No such luck for Men In Red which is 4200 words and feels truncated at that. Maybe it will make a novel one day. Meanwhile, my Selkie story, destined to be 2500 words or less, dialogueless and containing as few adverbs as possible, languishes incomplete…

Meanwhile, flushed with my (marginal) success in the comics book world, I have convinced Frank to draw a second chapter of Under the Rainbow for the next New British Comics, one year from now. Which coincidentally, takes the page count to 24, or an issue of an actual paper comic book. And I’m thinking about approaching other artists, and looking for stories that are good enough to work into scripts…

In academia, I have entered the second stage of the preparation of my thesis, where I shall write a chapter of 4-5000 words a month for the next six months. So far, things are going well, so far as I can tell with no peers. I have just been informed that I am to present a report on my research, or an aspect thereof, before the Religious Studies seminar group of Edinburgh University in February,  a highly qualified group of academics. I panic whenever I ask a question in the seminars, and the thought of presenting is terrifying me. I can only hope that they go easy on me…

In the meantime, I thought I’d re-post this – a collaboration on my study techniques which got me (almost) straight A’s and a prize the year my son was born, while holding down a job and still managing to drink more than I should. It appeared on Study Hacks and got something like 20000 hits. I can’t remember the name of the site that keeps a tally of that sort of thing – hopefully some gracious reader with better web-fu than I will remind us…

How david scored a 4.0 with 0.0 notes


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