The Terrortubbies at Myebook

I took tentative toe-dip into the world of e-publishing a few weeks ago and uploaded a story to I just wanted to see what notice it would receive, given zero promotion. To date, it is over two and a half thousand views.

The story is “The Terrortubbies and the Raven King”, a childrens’ story written by me and illustrated by my very good friend Andrew Baxter, drawing stylistically from Victorian childrens’ literature. When the midnight hour comes, the Terrortubbies come out of their coffins to play. In their timeless, twilit realm, all the monsters of horror fiction are children, and the only authority figure is the frowning face of the Full Moon.  When Poe’s pet raven disappears, the Terrortubbies – Mary Shelley, Stoker, Lovecraft and Poe – encounter the King of the Birds, and learn the real meaning of giving a gift.

We were very happy with it, but alas, agents were less so. So I have put it online. Please have a look. It’s a lovely interface:

Myebook - The Terrortubbies and the Raven King - click here to open my ebook

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