Another Chapman rejection

It is probably foolish to make this my first post, but  openness is important, isn’t it?

The manuscript of my newest short story, “The Men in Red”, was returned to me today by Chapman literary magazine. As Scotland’s leading magazine, it has been my goal to have a story published by them for a couple of years now. “Quod Scriptus Scriptus” was turned down last year, though they praised the writing. “The Men in Red” was a lot more suited to them, having a strong Scottish aspect and none of the supernatural themes that my stories typically feature, and I was quietly confident.

Alas, although I made the shortlist, the story was just too long at 4,200 words. The Editor, Joy Hendry, was typically complimentary, but nevertheless, I am a little disappointed. Still, some progress, and the story I am (slowly) working on should come in at exactly 3000 words, and also has the Scottish setting.  Next time…


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